When it comes to writing a Ignou PGDUPDL project, there are a few key things to keep in mind. Always make sure your topic is interesting and engaging for your audience, Your thesis should be focused, clear and concise. These points will help you write a proposal that will stand out from the rest.

The Project Report must also include the Following:

A copy of the approved proposal proforma, and the project proposal.

A signed certificate of originality by the supervisor and student.

All the appendix including the Questionnaire must be included at the end of the report.

PGDUPDL Project Work

You will be able to improve your skills in choosing a PGDUPDL project topic, writing a proposal, formulating tools for data collection and collecting data. Different methods can be used for different projects. However, in Ignou PGDUPDL project, subject code is MEDSP – 045, it is recommended to use the survey or case study method. MEDS 044 provides an overview of issues such as project formulation, monitoring, evaluation, measurement, sampling, data collection, and analysis. For your convenience, we have included details about the case study as well as survey methods.

Project Proposal

Project Proposal Headings:

  • These are the steps to make a project proposal:
  • The topic should be suitable.
  • Relevant topic must be chosen for urban planning and development.
  • Possibility of data collection within the time limit.
  • The data collection challenges and how they can be met.
  • Data collection costs.
  • Language and communication facilities
  • Title
  • Introduction,
  • Objectives
  • Problem Statement
  • Research Methodology
  • Limitations
  • References

For guidance in topic finalization, consult the Supervisor

Eligible Criteria for MEDSP 045 Project Supervisors

a) Faculty at Headquarters (School of Extension and Development Studies).

b) Academic counselors for PG Diplomas in Urban Planning and Development / PG Diploms in Extension and Development Studies / MA Extension and Development Studies with relevant experiences.

c) Researchers / Teachers in Urban Planning and Development.

d) PhD in Urban Development, Development Studies, Economics or Sociology or Public Administration, Political Science or Extension Education or other related disciplines.

e) Masters/M.Phil in Urban Development, Development Studies, Economics or Sociology of Public Administration or Political Science Extension Education or any other related discipline with at least 2 years’ experience.

The School of Extension and Development Studies may not accept the proposed supervisor. In such cases, the student will be advised and should change the supervisor and submit the Ignou PGDUPDL project proposal again.

The student will then submit a project proposal with the signature of the new supervisor. This will make it a new proposal. If a student wishes to change their supervisor, he/she will need to submit the project plan along with the signature from the new supervisor on a project proposal proforma. This will be counted as new synopsis.

Proposal Submission and Approval

Once the student has selected a supervisor and decided on the topic, they should submit the Project Proposal Proforma together with one copy of their Project Proposal along with the resume of your teacher, to Coordinator (PGDUPDL), School of Extension and Development Studies at IGNOU Maidan Garhi New Delhi-110068, for approval. It is recommended that students keep a copy the synopsis.

For the program to be approved and completed, students admitted for January session should submit their project proposal no later than 30 April.

Ignou PGDUPDL Project Report

Reports may not exceed approximately 10,000 words, and can be between 40 and 50 pages of double-spaced typed pages. Variation of 10% is allowed on both sides.

Every project report should include a title, introduction, objectives, problem statement, research methodology (with location, sampling, instruments, statistical tools used), results and discussion, summary, limitations if any, as well as references

Case Study Method for MEDSP 045 Project

There are two types of methods for scientific social research: the statistical and case study. Statistics are based upon large-scale collection of facts. Case study, on the other hand, is focused on intensive study of relatively few people, and sometimes limited to a small number of cases.

Case study is therefore more in-depth. Although the study or field is relatively small, it offers more depth. The case study method is used extensively in sociology, psychology, education, sociology and economics.

It can also be used in management, development studies, politics, sociology, political science, economics and political science. “Case study” is a way to analyze in depth the lives of social units, such as individuals, families, institutions, cultural groups, or entire communities

Where to Submit Ignou PGDUPDL Project Report

You must submit the typed copy of your Ignou PGDUPDL project report to the Registrar, Students Evaluation Division, IGNOU Maidan Garhi (New Delhi-110 068). Once you have submitted the Project Report, a P.R. The Project Report will be sent to the P.R.

The student will be informed of the allotment. This P.R.No. should be cited by the student. When contacting Students Evaluation Division about Project Report, please quote this P.R.No. Project Reports can be submitted at any time during the year.

The result of a Ignou PGDUPDL Project Report submitted between 31 May and December will be announced along with the June Term-end examinations. The result of a Project Report submitted between 1st June and 30th November will be announced along with the December Term-end exams