What’s MTTM?

MTTM is a masters in travel and tourism management course, which is a 2 years post graduate course offered by Ignou university. The objective of this program is to provide full knowledge about the tourism and hospitality industry. To complete the degree of mttm course you need to submit the MTTM 16 project work. IGNOU Synopsis offer’s IGNOU MTTM Project Synopsis to precious students of Indira Gandhi National Open University.

The Indira Gandhi National Open University known as IGNOU as a short form to all the students, is a distance learning national university with a registered office located in Maidan Garhi, New Delhi, India.

IGNOU is Named after first female former Prime Minister of India srimati Indira Gandhi, the university was established by the government of India in 1985 with a merely budget of ₹20 million, after the Indian  Parliament passed the Indira Gandhi National Open University Act, 1985.

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How To Write IGNOU MTTM Project Front page

To write the Ignou MTTM 16 project first you need to find the supervisor. Once you finalise Your supervisor you can ask anything about the project from your supervisor. If u are not sure about the how to make the front page by following the Ignou guidelines then download the guidelines from here

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How to Write Project Abstract

To create a solid impression on your supervisor and readers the abstract of the project is either a deal maker or breaker. If the abstraction is good it will motivate readers to read otherwise they will move to the next chapter.

Abstraction must include essential information from many chapters of your project to supply a brief summary of the study. It must be purposeful, interesting and needless to say, informative.

Introduction: This chapter includes the objective, scope and limitation, rationale of the study and research background and in the end the structure of the project.

Important Things to Include in Project Work

You must have to write about the background information of the topic and why you choose this topic which gives a better understanding to your supervisor and readers.

Mention the points that are associated with the subject and the information needs to provide a wider context but it must be applicable to the range of your topic.

You must have to keep in mind the word counts when you write the introduction part of IGNOU MTTM Project because according to Ignou guidelines you have to write only 10,000 word in the whole dissertation, in which you have to cover Introduction, review of literature, research methodology, data analysis etc.

Literature Review

This chapter is the second chapter after the introduction includes the published or unpublished literature according to the topic.


The objective is to highlight and explore the relative weaknesses and advantages of the chosen research field whilst identifying any research openings. Break down of this subject, and key phrases may have a positive influence on your dissertation and your mentor.


This is the most important part of the Ignou MTTM project where you have to mention the data collection and analysis procedures and techniques utilized. This normally includes research design, sample size, data collection method and others.

Findings and Evaluation

Findings of this study are assessed in detail beneath the findings and Analysis chapter. All crucial findings/results are summarized within this chapter without translating the information or drawing some conclusions. It may be handy to include charts, graphs and tables for the chapter to identify meaningful trends and connections.


The main motive of this section is to set the connection between the outcome and evidence from the literature.


Write all the references from links to books, All the reference must be here according to the guidelines


Keep Few Things in Mind Before Composing Project

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