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To complete the MBA Degree from IGNOU it is obligatory to complete the MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTATION Dissertation in the Administration Studies. IGNOU being a distance education it is great challenge to complete these Projects in well-timed manner. As almost all of the IGNOU MBA Students are working professional thus they lack time and sometimes needs guidance in completing these dissertations. Composing synopsis and project of MBA Programs from IGNOU is tought and that is the reason we offer ignou mba project help.

The students may take Projects after enrolling for MS-01 MS -11 Courses. The Project can maintain any of the functional area for example: Sales and Marketing, Human Resource Management, Operations, Financing, Services Marketing, Tourism and Hospitality.

We at IGNOU Synopsis helps in making high quality Projects, Marketing Management, Organizational Behavior and so on and so forth subject.

Format of Proposal

You have to follow the same technique in every section of the proposal of the project. We are mentioning here what you have to cover in the synopsis of the MBA project.

  • Introduction
  • Need for the study
  • Significance of the study
  • Scope for the study
  • Statement of the Problem
  • Objectives of the Study
  • Hypotheses
  • Research Methodology

a – Research Method

b- Population

c – sample

d – Tools

  • Limitations of the Study
  • References

How to Write MBA Project More Efficiently

Begin early

Always begin writing the project in the beginning of the semester as composing project is a time taking process. According to the guidelines of Ignou a supervisor can take only 5 student under his belt at one time so, the first step is to find the supervisor.

Once you finalized the supervisor start building a strategy early, which means you have sufficient time to finish whatever you have to do.

Read the guidelines

These guideline will help you in understand what you have to keep in mind while writing the project work. Make a time table and remove all the disturbance and actually read what it is that you must do.

For Example, if you have taken a topic “marketing of adventure and nature tourism”. In this topic perhaps you can emphasize on adventure and nature tourism of all over India or you can concentrate on the single place where you will conduct all the city to write down the project.

Start breaking down the topic in points which will help you in writing hassle free project.


At this stage you have to discuss each and every bit of idea, write it down and sum it up. This will help you in getting your creative juices flowing.

This discussion part will cover all the things you had not thought of and makes easier to write the project on the basis of that. This way you will be able to fully convince your supervisor about the project.

Suppose you have chosen a marketing of adventure and nature tourism topic. Open your word document and start writing about the adventure and nature tourism, let the ideas flow, take the help from internet.

For example just start with the introduction part and write whatever comes in your mind, try different ideas. Once you will finish writing start connecting the ideas or sentence you have written. This type of free writing will help you in writing intriguing project.

IGNOU MBA Project Help | Free Download

Any Administration Student who lacks the time and resources to make their own project report. We provide them help guidance as well as resources to write their Ignou Mba Project Report.

All of us provides them guidance as well we write good quality project report and provide MBA project services in India.

We provides the high quality Project for IIM, S, XLRI, or any type of the Top business Schools as well as IGNOU in particular.

The Objective of the MBA Project MASTER OF SCIENCE 100: The purpose of the project is to help college student in developing multi-disciplinary capabilities, principles, tools and techniques to solve the organizational problems.

Ignou MBA Marketing Project Sample (1387 downloads)
Ignou MBA Operation Project Sample (1402 downloads)
Ignou MBA HR Project Sample (1694 downloads)
Ignou MBA Finance Project Sample (2763 downloads)

Types of IGNOU MBA Project and Report:

1) Circumstance Study (Comprehensive): Covering Solitary organizational problems, Multifunctional area problem, Formulation, Analysis and recommendation

2) Inter organizational Research: Aimed at Inter organizational comparisons, Validation of Theory and Management Practices

Project Proposal (SYNOPSIS): The Synopsis should plainly state the objectives, Analysis Methodology of the Recommended Project undertaken. It should have full details of rationale, sampling, Instruments, to be used.


The size duration of the report is somewhere around 70 to80 Pages double spaced entered pages and must not exceeding by 18, 000 words.

Each Project Report properly describe the Research Strategy adopted and the course of the Future Analysis.

The copy of the Project Proposal proforma and Synopsis.

Certificate of originalty duly signed by the student and teacher

Decide How to Represent the Project.

Once you will finish writing the proposal of the project in sections, sum it up and rearrange according to the point given above which is according to Ignou guidelines. Cross check each and every section you have written and show it to your supervisor.

Approval of Supervisor

Supervisor approval is necessary in Ignou. Without supervisor you cannot send the project to head office. If your supervisor is asking for changes do it. Once your supervisor will approve your project, take the signature and submit it in Ignou University and wait for the approval.


One Typed copy of the Project Report is usually to be submitted to the Registrar, IGNOU, MAIDAN GARHI, Fresh Delhi-110068.

Once the students submits the Project Report, A PR Number is allotted which is communicated to the student. The student can communicate this number while contacting the SR&E department.

If you are a batch of June July session then the last date would be 31st may and If you are from January Batch then the last date would be 30th November to submit the dissertation.

Dissertation Submission Dates
July Batch31st May
January Batch30th November


FAQS Frequently Asked Questions

Q – What is the last date to submit the Synopsis and project report?
Ans – 
Synopsis Last date For July batch is March 30th
Report Last date For July batch is May 30th
Synopsis Last date For Dec/ Jan batch is September 30th
Report Last date For Dec/ Jan is November 30th

Q – How to Download the Appendix Where to take signature of supervisor?
Ans – 
Please click on the link to download it.  MS100 project Handbook and Guidelines

Q – Where and how to Send the Synopsis and Report of MAPC Project
Ans – 
You have to hard bind and speed post to the below address
The Coordinator (Projects),School of Management Studies,

IGNOU, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi-110 068

Q – How do I concentrate on my projects?

Ans – Make a time table as writing a project is a lengthy process. It cannot be done in one day

Q – What is the system for writing a project?

Ans – Follow the Ignou guidelines handbook for ms100 or download from above or you can contact your supervisor for help in composing.

Q – How can I make the best front page for a project?

Ans – Download our project sample and check the front page. This will give you idea how to make it.

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