MA in Psychology (MAPC) is a degree course which is offered by the IGNOU. MAPC course deal with human and animal behavior. Ignou Synopsis help student of psychology in writing their Ignou MAPC Project with the help of writers. Psychology knowledge use in various sectors like health Industries, military, sports, forensic etc.

Psychology is merger of both art and science to study human being. The main crux of psychology is individual differences and the factors like genetics and environment (including culture) that make individuals different, also focus on the behavior of individual in different social setting.

After completing the 2-year MAPC course, you will be prepared to advance your career in areas such as Business Industry and nonprofit consultation, Human resources development, Professional training and coaching, Occupational health, and leadership development. Feel free to call us for Ignou MAPC Project synopsis

Download Ignou MAPC Project Sample

Ignou MAPC Project Sample (23356 downloads )

Ignou MAPC Project Topics

Check our latest topics of Ignou MAPC project:

  • Academic Achievement and Personality Characteristics of Children of Working and Non-Working Mothers
  • Occupational stress among male and female employees
  • An analytical study of the creative potential and personality structure of academically gifted students
  • To study the organizational role stress, ego strength and the level of burnout among the secondary school teachers
  • Different dimensions of girl’s empowerment among government and private higher secondary school: a comparative study
  • Emotional intelligence, learning styles and academic achievement of adolescent students of 10th grade
  • Attitudes and leadership qualities of Delhi university students
  • To study the impact of school environment and home environment on the academic achievement of scheduled caste students
  • Effect of arithmetical ability and study habit on the achievement in mathematics at secondary school students
  • Learning styles of adolescent students: a comparative study between government and private schools
  • A study of relationship among mental health, emotional intelligence and academic achievement of secondary school students
  • Relevance of personality of students in their adjustments to school life
  • A study on the influence of examination anxiety on academic performance of secondary school students
  • To study of psycho-social problems of adolescent girls related to their family life, educational life and emotional behavior
  • To compare the occupational/job stress level between working women and working men in Delhi & national capital region
  • Examination stress in relation to intelligence, personality and achievement motivation among high school children
  • Job satisfaction & occupational stress among employees
  • Effect of violent video games among secondary school students
  • Usage and impact of mobile phones upon the students of professional courses
  • To study the effect of counselling on the academic achievement, need-achievement and study habits of underachievers
  • Psychological distress of menopausal married and unmarried women in relation to
  • Physiological symptoms, life events, and social support
  • A study to analyze self-esteem in children of single parent and that of two parents
  • A study on the effectiveness of relapse prevention therapy in substance abusers

What We Provide in Ignou MAPC Project

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Composing Synopsis of Ignou MAPC is not Easy

The life of Ignou candidate is never easy, contrary to what many people believe. Learners of Ignou face difficulties that they have to overcome in order to be successful in the future. One of them is that they must complete all their subject codes which aren’t always easy due to the many activities they must take part in each day. The biggest hurdle for learners who study psychology is writing an Composing Synopsis of Ignou MAPC.

How to Write Ignou MAPC Project Synopsis

It’s true. Writing a MAPC project synopsis in Psychology can be a daunting work that requires you to dedicate a long time to exhaustive research in order to finish. Writing an Ignou ma psychology project is lengthy and tiring, and requires the highest concentration from you as a learner. This is the reason why offers the most effective Ignou MAPC project synopsis writing service to aid learners through a difficult task. While creating your Ignou ma psychology project you’ll need to follow these steps carefully:

  • You’ll need to choose your topic from a range of topics for your Ignou psychology project synopsis that could be a bit overwhelming. The subject you choose should be original and important.
  • If you think that this part of writing your MAPC project synopsis is to demanding You can request assistance in writing your psychology project from our committed team of professionals on Ignou synopsis. We can quickly choose an area that you can be comfortable with and while doing so provide value with our MA psychology project writing service.
  • Writing a well-crafted introduction that is based on the topic you’ve settled on as well as the intriguing concepts for your Ignou MAPC project discovered by you. It is essential to remember that this is the most critical section of your project work and should be composed in a professional style since it has an impact on the entire piece.
  • The aim of the project is to draw an image of the reader about what your paper will be founded on and the principal aspect you will be trying to communicate through your research.

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5 – Ignou MA Psychology Project Viva Important Questions

Follow Ethics While Writing Project

It must be now understandable that in MA Psychology course you’ll be running a small research to complete your project work.

To conduct the project work you need to grow ideas, sample size which is on how many people you are going to conduct the research, objectives, research design etc.

You must be ethical and attentive while looking for ideas on how to write Ignou MAPC project. While writing the project work you have to keep few things in mind

  • Will participants be harmed by the research
  • How will the confidentiality and anonymity be maintained
  • How will the informed consent be taken

In the past few decades the writers of the project give little attention to ethical issue while conducting their research work but now days you have to be attentive and must maintain the privacy while questioning the individuals for survey and data collection for example Stanford Prison Experiment, Milgram’s Experiment on obedience to authority, Watson and Rayner study on little Albert, Spitz’s study on deprivation etc.

Now the realization and awareness in between the project writers and researchers is growing and all the research is getting conducted according to the guidelines by American Psychological Association (APA) in ethical way.

APA’s is an organization which promotes ethics in the field of psychology. It began writing the rules in 1947 and the first rule was published in 1953 and the latest one in 2002 with the changes in guidelines in 2010

Review of MAPC project

Institutional Review Board (IRB) is a board who review the study conducted by the researcher is according to the guidelines given by the APA and must be done in ethical way. Many organization who have IRB always look for the rights, privacy and other thing of the people who are participating in the research study.

  • Confidentiality: all the individuals who are participating must be protected from social injury and their identity must be kept anonymous including their answers.
  • Minimum risk: The injury or distress shouldn’t be what is experienced in daily life from the individuals.
  • Debriefing: It’s a procedure, when the study is finished by the researcher unfavorable effects brought on by deception are eliminated by the researcher.
  • Deception: It’s involved in research where some data is withheld or participants’ misinformed at any phase of the research.
  • The Right to Privacy: In this process the individuals have the right to decide in what way their information is used

Submission of MAPC Dissertation

Below is the table where we have mentioned the last day to submit the Ignou MAPC Dissertation. If you are a batch of June July session then the last date would be 31st may and If you are from January Batch then the last date would be 30th November to submit the dissertation.

Dissertation Submission Dates
July Batch 31st May
January Batch 30th November

Evaluation of MAPC Project

The Ignou MAPC Project consist of 100 marks out of which 70 percentage marks is for the dissertation and 30 percent marks depend on your viva. To complete the project student must attain at least 40 percent or 40 marks out of 100

Date for Viva

July Cycle 1 July to 14th July
January Cycle 1 January to 15th January

How To Get IGNOU MA Psychology Project and Synopsis

Please contact us to get more details on our services.


Contact: +91-9599-329-471


Frequently Asked Questions

Q – What is the last date to submit the Synopsis and project report?

Ans – Synopsis Last date For July batch is March 30th Report Last date For July batch is May 30th Synopsis Last date For Dec/ Jan batch is September 30th Report Last date For Dec/ Jan is November 30th

Q- Who Check the Ignou MAPC project synopsis?

Ans – Synopsis or project proposal is checked by synopsis evaluators from a list provided by the Discipline of Psychology, SOSS, IGNOU, New Delhi.

Q – Where should I submit my dissertation?

Ans – It should be submitted only at the Regional Centre.

Q – When is it best to submit my dissertation during an academic calendar?

Ans – If you were admitted in January, your Project/ Dissertation must be submitted by 30 November. If you were admitted in July, the Dissertation must be submitted by 31 May..

Q – What is the best way to write a dissertation?

Ans – A dissertation must be written according to the Handbook of Project. Dissertation must be written only in English.

Q – Is there a viva voce for the project?

Ans – Yes there will be viva voce.

Q – Do I need to attach a copy of the approval for the synopsis of the project dissertation?

Ans – Yes

Q – How many copies are required for the dissertation?

Ans – One copy (hard copy) must be submitted. One copy must be kept and one copy must be sent to the guide.

Q – Do I have to bring a dissertation for TEE (viva-voce)?

Ans – You should always have your dissertation copy with you. An IGNOU University Identity Card is also required.

Q – What are the passing marks for Project?

Ans – Passing marks are 40 out of 100.

Q – Who should I contact in case I have any doubts or feedback/suggestions/grievance about project?

Ans – You can email on Or

Q – Do I have to pay TEE examination fees in order to participate in the project?

Ans – You will need to pay Rs. 120 are required to appear in the TEE for project..

Q – What’s the validity period for my approved synopsis submission?

Ans – Once your synopsis has been approved, it will be valid until your admission.

Q – Is it possible to change my guide?

Ans – Yes. But you must have a good reason for it. You will need to get approval from the Faculty of Psychology, IGNOU in New Delhi.

Q – How to Download the Appendix Where to take signature of supervisor?

Ans – Please click on the link to download it.  MAPC Handbook and Guidelines

Q – Where and how to Send the Synopsis and Report of Ignou MAPC Project

Ans – You have to hard bind it and speed post to below is the Following
Address School of Social Sciences (SOSS)
Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)
Maidan Garhi, New Delhi – 110068

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