The requirement for supplying professional dietetics was sensed in 60 years back and at that time government started few courses related to food and one of them was post-graduate Diploma in Dietetics and Public Health Nutrition also known as DDPHN. And that’s how MSCDFSM course was started by Ignou University to provide the exposure to students who are interested in Food dietic course. With the help of Ignou MFNP 12 Project, students get practical knowledge and enhance their skills in the field of Food management.

Eligibility Criteria of Ignou MSCDFSM Course

The eligibility criteria to become dietician in clinics and hospital was DDPHN and B.S.C course in home science was considered. The person who have completed their above degree and already have taken practical knowledge while performing their Ignou MFNP 12 project was considered eligible to work in the hospitals. Afterward, in the previous ten years or so, to fulfil the requirements set by modernization, industrialization and changes in the region of supplements and dietetics, a Master’s course at food and dietetics has been introduced.

Nowadays, the demand for food nutrition is increasing day by day. A growing number of individuals are getting aware about their own healthy living and body image. Awakened interest in wellness and nutrition of children, teens and adults has caused the development of quite a few health at all around the nation. Nutrition counselling creates a significant part of these clinics.

That is the reason a course was needed in food quality management for students in distance learning education, serving to the requirements of a high number.

The aim of Masters in Food Dietary in food safety service management assumes significance in the context of these:

1 – To remove the unemployment of young learners of food dietician background

2 – To increase the job opportunities of MSCDFSM students.

Who’s this Course Meant For?

This MSCDFSM course is targeted at:

1 – The students interested in becoming the nutritionist or food dietician.

2 – People searching for experience in nutrition and dietetics.

3 – People, authorities and non-government organization functionaries that take part with association food management and health/dietetic maintenance in hospitals/clinics/community configurations

4 – Faculties or the equivalent from many different backgrounds for instance, healthcare, pharmaceutical, food and beverage businesses, biochemistry, nutrition and dietetics

Who’s Qualified for Entry into the MSCDFSM

The entrance into the M.Sc. (DFSM) class is available to all graduates from nourishment, health and science background, even when they haven’t studied nutrition in their bachelor.


Participants using a B.Sc. Degree (or the equal i.e. MBBS, BHMS) in another background: Home science/food science and engineering, sciences, healthcare, health, pharmaceutical, catering could necessitate both Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education Degree (DNHE)

Which are the MSCDFSM Course Aims?

1 – Provide detailed and fundamental practical advice on all aspects of dietetics in the promotion of wellbeing to the management of diseases as well as Ignou MFNP 12 project.

2 – Communicate important knowledge to allow students to serve as dieticians, diet counsellors and nourishment and health communicators

3 – MSCDFSM course offer field level expertise, Offer practical in institutional food management and dietetics

4 – Serve to the requirements of government and non-government employees participated in supplying health/dietetic maintenance and food support.

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