Project in Counselling Psychology

First Page

The first page should include the name of the candidate including other information like enrollment number, supervisor name, topic of Project in Counselling Psychology and the university name in the format according to ignou.

The Abstract

The next page must contain only of this abstract. The reason of this abstract is to offer a brief statement of the project in counselling psychology. The person who is reading it or the counselor should be able to pick up from the abstract that what the project is all about, the way it had been undertaken and it will indicate about the project report is all about. An abstract shouldn’t examine the report, but should instead act as a sampler of the contents of this project report. Ordinarily the abstract should be less than 200 words.

According to Ignou Synopsis after abstract this should include a table of materials, indicating the page numbers of the various sections.


In this page we have to write the introduction. This is the page where you have to show why you choose the topic and what concept you have taken to write the project in counselling psychology.

Results and discussion

Present your results in a reasonable sequence, highlighting which is essential and the way the information you got are analysed to deliver the results that you discuss. You should examine what you infer from your information. You have to adopt a crucial strategy.

Overview and conclusion

This is the part in which you want to place it all together. It differs from the abstract in it should be more informative, something which could readily be accomplished since you may dedicate more words into it. You need to include a succinct version of your conversation, highlighting exactly what you discovered, what difficulties you had, and what could be achieved in the future to cure them. You also need to indicate how the analysis could usefully be continued.

Pages, diagrams, tables and references should all be numbered.

A word on references

These are quite essential. Your Ignou MAPC Project report should be adequate to signify to the reader exactly what you’ve done, what you found out and offer enough information to allow them to replicate the work if they so desired. You’ll have made us of advice from many different sources,

There are usually 3 kinds of reference journal, article, book, and web site.

Assessment criteria

All these are used by mark to rate your project report. You should examine these before creating your project in counselling psychology. The present version can be accessed in the applicable page at the Ignou Handbook.

How To Write Project Report

Doing this report. I propose the following strategy for composing a report

1) Describe the narrative you would like to tell. Frequently this can be simply accomplished by determining which diagrams and charts of information you would like to include.

2) Draw up a strategy of what you would like to convey and how this matches around the diagrams/graphs that you would like to use.

3)  Stretch you Intend to an outline which includes all of the Section headings you’ll need.

4) Check throughout the outline to see that sequence is sensible and nothing vital was ignored.

5) Cross check your outline through with somebody else e.g. fellow student, tutor or demonstrator.

6) Compose a first complete draft of this project report.

7) Assess the first draft through for consistency, clear mistakes and omissions (e.g. figure captions missing? References still to perform?) If you’re able to find a friend to browse it seriously so much the better.

8) Revise the draft and re-check till fulfilled.

9) Submit report.

While composing and planning that the report check the following points:

  1. Be Sure you mention that the background and goals of, the project report
  2. Contain the simple concepts and theory about this investigation.
  3. Describe the processes used. Identify big sources of mistake and clarify how they had been dealt with.
  4. Just data directly related to the calculation of last results must be shown, omit raw information. Graphs are an especially powerful method of introducing results – just use table at which it’d make more sense that providing a graph.
  5. Final results must be presented clearly and concisely; Include an investigation of mistakes, however, omit details of arithmetical manipulations.
  6. If computer code has been written or used, provide details of this checks and validations you done on the code.
  7. The interpretation of these results needs to be discussed, and Improvements and potential extensions of this work indicated.
  8. Give references to any publications, articles or other sources ex websites who have proved useful in preparing the project report, or doing the work

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