So as to maintain social distancing is required  to stay away from covid 19 virus.  The Govt. of India has decided to expand “Lockdown”. Because of nationally lockdown due to corona pandemic, it’s been decided to postpone Learner Support Services at all Regional Centre/Learner Service Centre’s (LSC). The University has, further determined to present and use “Online Mode” to submit Project/Dissertation/Field Work Journals/Internship Report to ease the students. The comprehensive guidelines for your students are under:

  • The students are expected to prepare the Project Report according to the approved synopsis where applicable according to the project guidelines. The Project guidelines are exactly the same as included in project guidelines booklet delivered with SLM.
  • The students may guarantee that while submitting the last project through Online Mode, the Proposal Proforma is approved in first, combined with “Synopsis” and also Bio-data of this project manual and creativity certificate is signed by both the Student and the Project Guide with date to be integrated (wherever applicable).
  • The students have to acquire digitally signature in prescribed proforma of their Guide/Supervisor through email before submitting the project through internet.


To the concerned school at > roughly IGNOU > College of Studies (E-mail ID of Faculties are offered in

The Modalities/feasibility in regard of Field Work Journal because of collection of primary data, exploration and evaluation of secondary research information instead of field work diary could be indicated / prepared by the SOSW. Another guideline to the student is to be issued by the concerned Faculty (SOSW) to ease the student of SOSW for filing the Field Function Journal via online. The student can also contact into the Programme Coordinator (SOSW) to get more information in this respect, (E-mail ID as stated at Point-3 above).

The students may make sure that the Original Project Report is to be scanned in one pdf format document for a single Subject/Course, in order to allow the Regional Centre / Student Assessment Division to obtain exactly the exact same in one pdf format document for more activity.

The First page of this pdf file should carry the right details of the student as given under:

Name of the Project Report / Dissertation / / Internship / Field Work

Title of this Learner

Programme Code

Enrolment Number

Regional Centre Code

Course Code(s)/of connected job

Mobile No.

In Case the project title isn’t found in order, it will be returned to the Student for resubmission following correction/completion.

The viva-voce of this project report will be conducted under specific guidelines by the worried Faculties under Regional Centre. The learners are advised to contact into the Regional Centre worried at (E-mail ID as stated at Point-3 above).

Are advised to write to the various Regional Centre’s Mail ID/SED (Job Section) Mail ID.

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