IGNOU Admission status

How to Know the IGNOU Admission Status

IGNOU Admission Status Based on Name and Birth Date

Students of Ignou university can view their IGNOU Admission, Registration Re-Registration and Admission status by clicking here. Once you have registered with IGNOU for a particular program you must confirm the status of the registration. The registration status is to verify whether the registration is valid or accepted or not. Learners should first apply online for admission making an online application on the IGNOU admissions website online.

IGNOU Admission Status Check with the help of Enrollment Number

If you’re able to get your enrollment numbers in hand, you can access the IGNOU Registration information by clicking the link below. This link will assist you find the complete information about your registration, including your academic and personal information and hyperlinks to verify your progress of your course at IGNOU.

What is Control Number in IGNOU?

If you’re a new learner at IGNOU or you are considering taking the admissions at IGNOU then it’s normal if you don’t know about the control number, so here is the solution. The Control Number (or “control number”) is automatic 11-digit number that is emailed to IGNOU learners following the admission fee has been paid on the IGNOU Online Admission portal. It’s evidence and considered as proof that IGNOU Head Office has received your online application to a specific program. Learners are able to utilize this number to monitor their application.

IGNOU Online Registration or Admission Status 2022

IGNOU’s Admission Status page has been updated by the university to reflect January 2022 session and for July 2021 applicants. New applicants can check the status of their application by typing in their 10-digit enrollment number. If you’ve made an application via the admission portal on the internet of the institution, you must follow the steps below to verify your application status.


How do I check IGNOU admission status in January 2022

To check IGNOU Admission status, you must possess authentic login credentials

The University has changed its admissions online panel. The previous admission link is no longer functioning for the new admission.

The students who just took admission and want to check the status of their admission can check on the below link


Fill username and password.

Enter the verification code for captcha appearing on the left

Log in using the button

When you log into your account, you will be given the student dashboard.

You will find the My Applications menu over there, click on it. There you can see the admission status when your status reads. “Admission Confirmed”, no need to take any action.

If you find an admission discrepancy, it is important urgently act for confirmation of your admission.

Once you’ve completed the online application it may take a while to verify.

Check out our online Dashboard and examine your form status on a regular basis.

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