The project work constitutes a major component in most of the skilled programmes and it is to be carried out with due care and should be executed with seriousness by the candidates. Student needs to submit the Ignou BCA Project Report before the due date. As a majority of the students are expected to perform out a real-life project in some industry research and development laboratories companies, it is suggested that the project is to be chosen which must have some direct relevance in day-to-day activities of the candidates in his/her institution. Students are encouraged to work in the areas listed at the finish However, it is not necessary for a student to perform on a real-life project. The student can formulate a project issue with the help of Guidebook.


The project proposal of BCSP 064 should be prepared in consultation with your guide. The project proposal must clearly state the project objectives and the surroundings of the proposed project to be undertaken. The project work needs to compulsorily include the application improvement The project proposal should include have complete information in the following form kind:

  1. Title of the Project
  2. Introduction and Objectives of the Project
  3. Project, Category, Programs (RDBMS/OOPS/Networking/Multimedia/Artificial Intelligence/Expert Systems etc).
  4. Analysis (DFDs at least up to the second level, ER Diagrams/ Class Diagrams/ Database Design etc and so on as per the project requirements).
  5. A complete framework which consists of:
  • The number of modules and their description to provide an estimation of the student‟s effort on the project.
  • Data Structures as per the project requirements for all the modules.
  • Process Logic of each module.
  • Testing process to be used.
  • Reports generation ( Mention tentative content of report)
  1. Equipment / Platform, Hardware and Software Requirement specifications
  2. Are you performing this project for any Business/Client? Mention Yes/No. If Yes, Mention the Name and the location including the address of the Business
  3. Potential scope and further enhancement of the project.



After finalizing the subject of the project and the choice of the guide, IGNOU students need to send the Project synopsis Proforma provided on below-given address along with the synopsis and curriculum vitae of the supervisor or guide to The Regional Director of the Regional Centre concerned. Incomplete project proposals in any respect will be summarily rejected.


Communication relating to the Approval / Non-approval of the project will be sent to you inside 4 weeks right after the receipt of the project proposal by the Regional Centre concerned.


In the situation of non-approval, the tips for reformulating the project will be communicated to you. The revised project synopsis along with a new Performa, need to be resubmitted along with a copy of the earlier synopsis and non-approval project proposal Performa in the subsequent slot. For instance, if the student submitted the synopsis during in the course for the duration of the 1st April to 30th June slot and is not approved due to some factors, she/he is eligible to resubmit the revised project synopsis only for the duration of the following slot i.e., 1st October to 31st December. These recommendations are applicable for earlier batch IGNOU students also whose project work is pending.


  1. A person must be having Ph.D./M.Tech. in Computer Science. OR
  2. A person should have completed B.E/B.Tech (Computer Science), MCA, M.Sc (Computer Science) with minimum 2 years experience in Industry / Teaching.





The following objects need to be incorporated in the Project Report:

1 – The project report should include the following:

  • Introduction
  • Objectives
  • Tools/Environment Used
  • Analysis Document (This should include SRS in proper structure based on Software Engineering concepts, E-R diagrams/Class diagrams/any related diagrams (if the former are not applicable), Data flow diagrams/other similar diagrams (if the former is not applicable), Data dictionary)
  • Design Document (Modularization details, Data integrity & constraints including database design, Procedural design, User interface design)
  • Program code (Complete code (well indented)/Detailed specification instead of code*, Comments & Description. The program code should always be developed in such a way that it includes complete error handling, passing of parameters as required, placement of procedure/function statements as needed.)
  • Testing (Test case designs are to be included separately for Unit testing, Integration testing, System testing; Reports of the outcome of Unit testing, Integration testing, System testing are to be included separately. Also, details of debugging and code improvement are to be included.)
  • Input and Output Screens
  • Implementation of Security for the Software developed (In case, you have set up a User Name and Password for your software, you should ensure the security of User Name and Password during transmission to the server)
  • Limitations of the Project
  • Future Application of the Project
  • Bibliography


Students who have accomplished their project for any organization are permitted to attach detailed algorithm/specification rather of code, in case, the organization doesn’t permit them to attach the code. Student requirements to attach a letter in the project report from the Project Manager of the project in the organization that they are not permitting the student to attach the code. In the absence of such letter, the student must attach the code compulsorily.

The project report need to be hardbound; need to consist of a Contents page; all pages of the report must be numbered; content material needs to be properly organized in a meaningful manner; printouts of text & screen layouts need to be original and must not be Xeroxed.

  1. Original copy of the Approved Project Proposal Proforma, Synopsis and Guide‟s Bio-data.
  2. Certificate of Originality.
  3. The Project Report might be about 50 to 80 double-spaced A-4 size typed pages excluding program code). Nevertheless,10% variation on either side is permissible.



Only a single copy of the project report is to be submitted to the following address by registered insured post: Regional Director, Concerned Regional Centre by the last date


The majority of the students are anticipated to perform on a genuine-life project preferably in some business sector/ Research and Development Laboratories / Educational Institution / Software program. Even so, it is not mandatory for a student to perform on a genuine project. The student can formulate a project issue with the assist of her/his Guide and submit the project proposal of the exact same. If approved, the student can start writing on it and finish it.



The Project Report is evaluated for 150 marks and the Viva-Voce is for 50 marks. To be declared effective, the student must secure at least 50% marks separately in each project report evaluation (i.e.75/150) and viva-voce (i.e.50/100). Students will be duly intimated about the schedule of viva-voce by a letter from the respective Regional Centre. An unsuccessful student can either submit the exact same project after following comments on the assessment sheet or she/he can do a distinct project. Often, make sure that the BCSP-064 project guidelines are followed.

Unfair situations of copied versions of the project synopsis and project reports will be sent to Committee of IGNOU for action.



If the student is unsuccessful in the project, she/he need to „re-do‟ the entire cycle, appropriate from the submission of the project synopsis. Students are advised to pick a new subject for the project and must prepare and submit the project synopsis to the Regional Centre concerned as per the project recommendations.

There are no separate slots for the submission of the project synopsis/project reports for the failed students. Respective submissions of the project synopsis and the project reports need to be accomplished strictly as per guidelines provided in the project guidelines. Along with the resubmission of the project report, the student is needed to remit the pro-rata charge (subject to change as per university rule –get in touch with your concerned Regional Centre for important update).

The charge needs to be remitted to the Regional Centre at the time of resubmission of the project report by the way of Demand Draft favoring IGNOU and payable at the city where your Regional Centre is positioned.

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