Every single student has to carry out project work in any topic of her/his interest based on their specialization group such as Clinical Psychology, Counselling Psychology or Industrial and Company Psychology. Though the synopsis and project is a 6 credit course, the learner has to devote a minimum amount of 180 hours to complete the course. We offer MA Psychology Project Free Download Project work is an impartial research or investigation work.

The objective of the project work is to permit the learner to analyze a particular situation and appear at some conclusion. The information and understanding gathered from different courses of MAPC are put into practice through the project work.

Thus the goal of the project is to provide an possibility to the students to apply the knowledge they have acquired in course of their research also to develop skills in the areas of various courses of this system. we have mentioned some of theĀ MA Psychology Project Topics

Continuous Assessment and Analysis is done using the constituents of Assignments, Internships, Practical work and project and synopsis at the Study center. At the end of the course the university or college conducts Term End Exam in June / and DEC for all eligible students.

The university allots thirty percent weightage for continuous analysis and 70% weightage for Term End Examination. Intended for Practicum work, Internship and Project work, 100% weightage has for the work done by student in a particular specialization.

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