I heard number of stories about the failed vivas from my friends and internet. But once after giving viva I came to know that it is not as hard as I heard on the internet, I wish to let folks understand that Ignou MA Psychology Project Viva are not necessarily a hellish experience, in addition to sharing my hints for viva achievement.

Strategies To Get Good Marks Ignou MA Psychology Project Viva

Calm Down

Working up yourself is just going to make matters worse, by quitting you sleeping, and which makes you sick. Find a way to unwind, be it yoga, jogging, meditation, as well as video games.


I know it’s simple to have small faith in your abilities, particularly when you are pursuing masters. But remember — you’ve spent the past couple of months reading about, writing about doing your Ignou MAPC project work. You’re the specialist; you know your stuff, keep in mind that. Proceed with a fantastic attitude

Good Mood

Your examiners want you to pass so you must not watch the examiners as wicked torturers who get kicks from which makes you endure. But if you go in believing they would like you to fail, you will not only be scared, you will also be defensive, which is not always such a fantastic thing.

Check Your MA Psychology Project

As you have spent the last several months performing your study and the past however long composing it up, you would like to be certain it’s fresh on your mind. This is particularly true when you’ve had a lengthy gap between filing your MAPC project work along with the examination. You do not need to (and probably should not) read it after a day every day before your viva, just be sure that you discuss it a couple of times prior to the examination.

Or get a friend to arrange something if you are too busy or nervous. I had been so fearful of failing that I did not need to arrange anything, but if it was over and that I had passed I was glad to have a night outside coordinated by my friends, particularly after a lot of Saturday night’s performing laboratory work or composing. Attempt to appreciate it

I know it Might appear stupid, but that is the second all of the bloodstream sweat, and tears was leading up to. I was amazed to discover that I actually loved my Ignou MA Psychology Project Viva; I was eventually able to get it off my chest. All of the huge flaws I was convinced my examiners would point out were hardly touched, and I must examine my ideas and theories with individuals who were curious and gave me fresh perspectives and thoughts.

So that is my advice and that I hope it will help you if you’re preparing to protect your project work. Perhaps you have been through a viva and lived? What are your best tips for viva achievement?

Ignou MA Psychology Important Questions of Research Project Viva Voice:


  1. What is your topic?


  1. What are dependent and independent variables in your topic or’ study?


  1. What do you understand by operational definition?


  1. What are all the objectives of your study?


  1. What do you understand by hypothesis?


  1. What do you understand by alternate and null hypothesis?


  1. In which method hypothesis emerged at later stage?


  1. What is serendipity in research?


  1. What is significance level? What do you understand by 0.01 and 0.05 level?


  1. What do you understand by one tail and two tail error?


  1. What do you understand by degree of freedom?


  1. What do you understand by parametric and nonparametric test?


  1. T test is what type of test?


  1. What is T test and what is ANOVA? Where these can be used differentiate?


  1. What are all the findings or results of your study?


  1. What are all the limitations of your study?


  1. What are the implications or suggestions of your study?


  1. What is regression?


  1. What is Correlation?


  1. Types of correlation


  1. What is research design?


  1. What are research methods?


  1. Which method you have used in your study?


  1. What is sample? Types of sample.


  1. Type of sample you have used in your study?


  1. Explain the procedure of your study?


  1. What is ethics in research and what ethics you have considered in your study?


  1. What are all the principles of ethics should be exercised in research?


  1. What is rational or significance of your study?


  1. What is review of literature?


  1. What are all its purpose?


  1. Why Researcher should quote latest study in his/her study?


  1. Define the concept or variables used in your study?


  1. Who coined the term?


  1. Any theory or Modal regarding the same?


  1. Give few name of the authors of the concept used in your study?


  1. Name all the various statistical techniques?


  1. Which technique you have used in your study?


  1. Have you written all the references as per APA direction quoted in your thesis?


  1. What is APA?


  1. You must be clear about your all findings with table and be able to explain anywhere asked anything.


  1. What are all the characteristics of a test? And what is Reliability and Validity?


  1. Tell me test which is Reliable will be valid or vice versa?


  1. What is Norms .How norms developed.


  1. What is Standard score?


  1. What is Stanine and percentile?


  1. From where you have collected data?


  1. How you have proceeded to collect data? Steps?


  1. What is the utility of your research?


  1. Which tool you have used, tell me the name of its author, number of items, dimensions, its reliability, validity scoring and types of norms used?


  1. What is SPSS?


  1. Differentiate between References and Bibliography?


  1. What if data would have been collected from highly reputed private school, whether result would have been different or same?


  1. Questions may be from your topic like


  1. What is the reason of depression in males at school level?


  1. What are the effects of parent’s education on depression, According to you?


  1. Who had developed BDI and in which year?


  1. How depression among students can be reduced at school level?


Hope you all will go through the questions of Ignou MA Psychology Project Viva and if you want to listen the audio check here.