Ignou msep 028 project

IGNOU MSEP 028 Project

IGNOU PGDIS Program – MSEP – 028 Project

This PG Diploma in Information Security (PGDIS) program this program has been designed to bridge the gaps in awareness and competencies needed by various categories of human beings  and various services that allows IT about much deeper areas of Information Security, dependable use and management of IT services. This is a PG level program with the option of exiting the PG Record in Information Security (PGCIS) after successfully completing the first semester and 32 credit scores. Students can complete the program in a minimal period of one full year or a maximum period of 3 years but in order to get degree student need to complete Ignou MSEP 028 Project for which we have shared the guidelines below.


PGDIS Program Aim to Provide:

  • To spread understanding of security and information protection.
  • To provide protection and security to personal data also to build data-oriented infrastructure in the company.
  • To improve high professional ethics in individuals and students to provide information security.
  • To experiment and learn the abilities and techniques needed to provide protection and security to the information.


PGDIS Term-end Examination

As stated earlier, term-end checks are the main component of the evaluation system. The University carries out the final semester exams twice a year, namely in June and December. You can take the exam only after completing a failed course that you can take in the following December or June in the total program range. If you fail to get a graduation score in the Term-end Examination, you will be eligible to reappear in the next Final Examination for the course when and when it is held, in the total range of the program. Student can find the pgdis guidelines on ignou website or click here.


The University follows the ‘Credit System’ for its programs. Each credit is 30 hours of study consisting of all learning activities. Thus, a four-credit course involves 120 hours of study. This helps students to understand the academic effort that must be made by someone to successfully complete the course including the ignou msep 028 project. Program Completion requires successful completion of both assignments and the Term-end Examination of each course in this program. Each PGDIS program / PGCIS program contains four credits and the overall program credit is 32. Three ACISE / CISE programs each contain four credits and one course contains six credits and overall program credit 18

Student Support Services For IGNOU MSEP – 028 Project

The Study Center is a contact point for participants in all major aspects of the program. This includes counseling sessions, practices, library facilities, dissemination of information and advice and facilities for audio-visual training aids and help regarding Ignou MSEP 028 Project or you can contact to Ignou synopsis for help. The Study Center is also equipped with several useful books about the subject of this program. This will be accessible to participants during their visit to the Study Center. The university may not always be able to communicate with all students individually. All important communications are sent to the Regional Director.

The coordinator will show a copy of such an important circular letter / notice on the Study Center bulletin board for the benefit of all students. Therefore, you are advised to keep in touch with your Study Center Coordinator more or less regularly to get more information about Ignou MSEP 028 Project, Assignments, submission schedules (assignments & test forms), list of students accepted in the exam, certain results declarations, etc. “Candidates are required to choose only the Study Center as activated for the program. As far as possible, the University will share Study Centers chosen by candidates. However, the University can change the Study Center as desired without student approval at any time”.


How to Submit IGNOU MSEP 028 Project

One Typed copy of the Project Report is usually to be submitted to the Registrar, IGNOU, MAIDAN GARHI, Fresh Delhi-110068. Once the students submits the Project Report, A PR Number is allotted which is communicated to the student. The student can communicate this number while contacting the SR&E department.

How to get IGNOU PGDIS Project Report (MSEP 028)/ Thesis / Dissertation / Synopsis


To get PGDIS Project Report and , just email your Subject Codes at synopsisignou@gmail.com.

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