Guidelines for Submission of Final Project Reports Through Online Mode

Guidelines for Submission of Final Project Reports Through Online Mode

So as to maintain social distancing is required  to stay away from covid 19 virus.  The Govt. of India has decided to expand “Lockdown”. Because of nationally lockdown due to corona pandemic, it’s been decided to postpone Learner Support Services at all Regional Centre/Learner Service Centre’s (LSC). The University has, further determined to present and use “Online Mode” to submit Project/Dissertation/Field Work Journals/Internship Report to ease the students. The comprehensive guidelines for your students are under:

  • The students are expected to prepare the Project Report according to the approved synopsis where applicable according to the project guidelines. The Project guidelines are exactly the same as included in project guidelines booklet delivered with SLM.
  • The students may guarantee that while submitting the last project through Online Mode, the Proposal Proforma is approved in first, combined with “Synopsis” and also Bio-data of this project manual and creativity certificate is signed by both the Student and the Project Guide with date to be integrated (wherever applicable).
  • The students have to acquire digitally signature in prescribed proforma of their Guide/Supervisor through email before submitting the project through internet.


To the concerned school at > roughly IGNOU > College of Studies (E-mail ID of Faculties are offered in

The Modalities/feasibility in regard of Field Work Journal because of collection of primary data, exploration and evaluation of secondary research information instead of field work diary could be indicated / prepared by the SOSW. Another guideline to the student is to be issued by the concerned Faculty (SOSW) to ease the student of SOSW for filing the Field Function Journal via online. The student can also contact into the Programme Coordinator (SOSW) to get more information in this respect, (E-mail ID as stated at Point-3 above).

The students may make sure that the Original Project Report is to be scanned in one pdf format document for a single Subject/Course, in order to allow the Regional Centre / Student Assessment Division to obtain exactly the exact same in one pdf format document for more activity.

The First page of this pdf file should carry the right details of the student as given under:

Name of the Project Report / Dissertation / / Internship / Field Work

Title of this Learner

Programme Code

Enrolment Number

Regional Centre Code

Course Code(s)/of connected job

Mobile No.

In Case the project title isn’t found in order, it will be returned to the Student for resubmission following correction/completion.

The viva-voce of this project report will be conducted under specific guidelines by the worried Faculties under Regional Centre. The learners are advised to contact into the Regional Centre worried at (E-mail ID as stated at Point-3 above).

Are advised to write to the various Regional Centre’s Mail ID/SED (Job Section) Mail ID.

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How to Write SMU MBA Project Report – Amity / Symbiosis / LPU

How to Write SMU MBA Project Report - Amity / Symbiosis / LPU

How to Write SMU MBA Project Report – Amity / Symbiosis / LPU

Many of us, we need to know how to write SMU MBA Project or synopsis because it very important in whatever field you are like operation, HR, Marketing etc, It is not for Economist and Professionals only as it is attractive every domain.

The goal of a pitch is a proposition to gain support for your plan by informing the appropriate people. If this captures their attention, you will get your project or ideas approved.

The thought of writing a SMU mba project overwhelms many people, however the project does not have to be daunting.

Plans are written when individuals need to ask authorization to create a purchase, do a project, or write a paper; the proposal is a formal way of putting forth an idea and requesting action to be taken on that idea.

When writing a Smu mba project and synopsis, consider all the aspect and who will see the synopsis and what that councillor may or may well not know about what you are writing in your synopsis. Councillor may be from different foundation or a government entity, however most require a similar data.

Here are the most frequent areas of grant proposals, and the information you should include.

1 ) Cover Letter

Although the cover letter is written previous, don’t provide short shrift. It is the front side porch of your

Give proposal and will determine how well the proposal is received. A bad impression here will be difficult to make up later.

You’ll want to addresses your letter to a specific person, briefly condition what your proposal or synopsis, and summarize (not repeat) the essence of your program.

The summary comes after your cover letter. This helps the councillor to understand at a glimpse what you are seeking.

The summary could be as brief as a couple of sentences, but no much longer than one page. Purpose to be complete (touching on the key parts of your proposal) but short.

This is a flavor of the proposal to come. It should attract the reader to keep going. The summary does not need to be extremely inventive, but it should be well- written (to impress), complete (explain what their organization does and its mission), and specific enough (include details of the proposed program) to involve the reader.

This is the meat of your grant proposal. You must convince that what you propose to do is important and that your organization is the correct one to do it. Assume that the audience of your proposal will not know much about the issue or subject matter. Explain why the problem is important, and what research you did to find out about possible solutions. The need statement must include both stories and data, and be matched to the interests of the granting organization. The goal is to convince the councillor that this project solves an important social problem, and that the councillor should be completely enthusiastic about supporting it.

Goals and Objectives

The following is where you describe what your organization plans to do about the problem. State what

you in the end hope to accomplish with the project and show the specific results or outcomes you expect to accomplish. Think of goals as general and wide outcomes and objectives as the specific steps you will decide to try get to those outcomes.

Methods and Approaches

This kind of section is to walk the grantor through exactly HOW you will achieve the goals and targets you’ve decide earlier.

You may be required to give a logic model in it. Make this section very comprehensive and reasonable. Include a timeline and specify who will do what and when.

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Evaluation Section

How will you examine your program’s accomplishments? So determine now how you will assess the impact of your project.

Include what information you could keep or data you will collect, and how you uses that data. If the data collection costs money, be certain to include that cost in your budget.

Have you gotten dedicated funds from other resources? Or have you asked other sources? Most councillor do not wish to be the only source of support for job management. Be sure to mention in-kind contributions you expect, such as conference space or equipment. Is a pilot project with a limited time-line? Or perhaps does it go into the future? If therefore, how do you plan to fund it? Is it sustainable over the long term?

Organizational Data

In some paragraphs describe what your organization will, and why the funder can trust it to use the requested money responsibly and effectively.

Provide a short history of your organization, state its objective, the population it acts, and provide an summary of its track record in reaching its objective. Describe or list your programs.

Be complete in this part of your proposal and then submit it to your councillor who will check it.

As you can see, writing a proposal does not have to be an overwhelming task. With a bit of thought and research, you will be able to write an effective proposal that has a good chance of being approved and If you are looking for the samples of IGNOU MBA Project then we have uploaded all the streams of MBA Project samples.

How to get SMU MBA Project Report / Thesis / Dissertation / Synopsis

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How to write IGNOU MBA Project – Synopsis – Dissertation

How to write IGNOU MBA Project - Synopsis - Dissertation


Writing a project one of the most tedious tasks considered by almost all of the researchers. After the research work is performed, the next job before the researcher is project & synopsis writing. Dissertation basically shows researcher’s research that is aims or objectives, results and conclusions. The project process is usually carried out for personal reasons or to obtain a level or any type of professional qualification. Writing synopsis consumes a lot of time and effort of the researcher and that is the reason we provide ignou mba project help. So, we have mentioned few points on How to write IGNOU MBA Project to make your dissertation writing effective, enlisted below are certain guidelines, which should be always kept in mind while taking up this task:

Step by Step Procedure of How to write IGNOU MBA Project

Understanding about the topic

It’s important to have in-depth and thorough knowledge of the proposal topic. You should be well-versed about all aspects of the subject matter before you take in the writing process of the dissertation.

Length of the Proposal

There is no hard and fast guideline in regards to what should be the size of your dissertation engagement. But a great proposal is expected to be around 20 pages long. Simply no matter whatever be the length of the pitch, it should cover all the key and the important points of the study proposition.

Major parts of the How to write IGNOU MBA Project dissertation:

Introduction: The intro should summarize the basic reasons for the research. This should highlight the condition declaration and give a short summary of the project proposal. The next phase is to discuss about the value of the study and describe technically the various chapters in this synopsis proposal. Always remember that the introduction should not be too much time as it is expected to lose interest of readers. Also, make sure that the introduction is as such, which will be able to grab the attention of readers at once and compel these to read the whole of it.

Problem statement: The next important task is to discuss briefly the condition statement of your dissertation writing. The researcher in this part should describe the value of the condition and the need for conducting this research. This part is centered on the context founded in the introduction section.

Review of literature: This kind of section in the project proposal should analyze the research that has recently been carried out by various other researcher on a subject just like yours. It is quite useful to learn the dissimilarities and similarities with your research and provides you a base how the research undertaken by you should be transported forward.

Bibliography: This kind of is the last portion of the dissertation, which essentially focuses on the set of references i. e. publications, newspaper, periodicals etc. you must have consulted or referred to during your research process. It’s a must to acknowledge all the sources from where you have got to taken help.

Time management: Since project and synopsis writing occupies a lot of time, so allot some time for finishing up the proposal. Stick to the time limit while writing the proposal otherwise you are bound to put yourself in a hug trouble.

Maintain the above guidelines in your mind while composing your dissertation and consider your battle of an effective and efficient project writing half won and if you are looking for some samples you can go to Ignou mba project free download here. If the student will follow the above guidelines of how to write ignou mba project he will be able to score good marks and his project will get approved.

How to get IGNOU MBA Project Report / Thesis / Dissertation / Synopsis

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