Introduction of the every Ignou project is an essential to the final paper. It should, in the most obvious way be a description of your work and the significance it has for supervisor who is going to check the project work. The introduction you write is also an important part of your project work, regardless it’s just the first piece of work you’ve shared with your supervisor to receive response. We have gathered few points here for how to write introduction for Ignou MBA Project are a collection of common elements of introductions to project work and dissertations. Here we are going to discuss number of ideas and suggestions for learners who are trying to present their research in an academic and professional way.

Outlining Methods

Ignou synopsis gives a brief outline of what you have to do to write an effective introduction to your research paper. It also explains the right time to write the introduction section for the IGNOU University

Last but not the least word is in your introduction, you must explain your reasons and how you’ve focused your research. Then, you will explain summary of the argument and how you are going to construct your project work. The beginning paragraph must also to explain the purpose of your MS100 project work and describe the strategies that you’ll use to accomplish the goal. Always an effective introduction is one that draws attention to the subject matter and stimulates curiosity.

Length of Introduction Paragraph

Composing your Ignou MBA project work is an effective task. It is also a matter of deciding the length of each section of the project should be. The lengths of the individual components like research methodology, statement or review of literature in your MS100 project will depend on the total length of the project work.

The introduction part of your project work is the longest, the introduction paragraph could comprise approximately 18 percent of the overall project work. According to the few authors, recommend limit of the introduction part should be 8 percent, which would be 2 pages of 35 pages research report.

Each introduction must clearly outline the main purpose of your Ignou MBA project work, along with an overview of the major issues to be addressed. If you follow our all points of how to write Introduction for Ignou MBA Project you will be able to get good marks in your project work. It should suffice to provide the supervisor with an overview of things to expect from the body of your project writing. Introduction contain the description of any elements that aren’t covered within the main body of writing, for example, information that could be important for the project work.

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How can you write a great introductions?

The answer to how to write an effective introduction can be found in three fundamental elements, which are:

1. Research Topic Which research topic or the topic to be discussed?

2. Relevance The reason for the research subject important? And

3. What are the tools and data analysis method you have used and what method will allow you follow to address to the question of research?

An effective introduction grabs the look of supervisor instantly, which will make them want to continue reading the remainder of your Ignou MBA project work. It must state your main subject, provide pertinent context, and outline the specific areas of your research. It should also provide the most useful and relevant details about your research subject. The supervisor should be aware about any background details prior to going through the body of your project work.