Writing a blog is a billion-dollar business until or unless you do marketing. With every year, it show lots of opportunities for your business to promote their brand and make money. However, every successful phenomenon has the share of rumors.

Ignou synopsis consist number of bloggers. Blogging is surrounded with many myths that always question the veracity of some of the aspects of this business. The problem enclose this online activity confuses the small businesses and bloggers who are trying to earn a name in this profession. You will find your niche blogging websites once you will check on google whether you need education related blogging websites or if you want to upload your thesis or dissertation and want to write blog along with it, some of these websites are bepress, research gate and shodhganga

For those year, we present here blogging myths they should understand:

Myth 1: Once you build a blog, you automatically get traffic

Blogging does not automatically guarantee higher ranking in search engine results web page. In fact, it is just a part of a process which aims to attract site visitors to your website. Yet doing it alone will not bring traffic to your website.

Blogging can result in higher traffic if you do it as a part of a strategy by using the seo services. Quite simply, you have to incorporate it into SEO, social media marketing, and online advertising in order for visitors to show up website.

Myth 2: Blogging is never restricted to word count

Blogging is or was never about restricting your writing to a particular range of words. Rather, its always about how much correct and authentic information you share on blog with the correct length, whether its of 500-word blog or a 2000-word article on any subject. You can check tripod website where you can create websites and write blogs

For whatever length of time that you can improve the information, it doesn’t make a difference what your article length is.

Myth 3: Blogging is merely about writing

No. When writing is a huge part of blogging, will not only constitute this entire process. Blogging incorporates the other important facets of online marketing, such as posting, search engine optimization (SEO) and social internet marketing.

An article is merely a simple post that will not do any good to your site only. It’s like a meat without the seasoning. Just like a steak is bland without salt and tear gas, an article is not compelling without the aspects of images, links, and activities.

These are one of the most important features of blogging that make the contribution to the online visibility of your website on search engines like google and bing and get it in front of your audience.

Myth 4: If you attract more traffic, it means you can earn more income

Never. A blog functions just like a packet and mortar business. You could have many visitors on your shop but it will not guarantee that some of them will buy your products until you have exceptional selling skills.

Likewise, there is no assurance that whoever comes to your blog is heading to purchase your service or products.

You will need to slog several hours on engaging with your readers, responding to their comments, curating them the info they want and making them part of your blog.

Myth 5: Don’t look for post frequency to get more readers

A post frequency is contingent after your industry, monetization plan, and your potential audience. Therefore there is no sole formula you will be using for scheduling your posts.

A post rate of recurrence for an apparel industry catering to fashion designers will be different from an academic business writing service. It all will depend on your target visitors and monetization strategy.