What is a Literature Review

The literature overview is a comprehensive concise, critical review of research literature that has been published and pertinent to the subject that is being studied within an article. Learn how to write a literature review in your Ignou project work

A review of literature is not:

A literature review is not simply listing and referencing all of the literature you’ve credentialed in your project work.

If you write a review of literature that is not directly relevant to your research can divert the supervisor who is checking your Ignou MBA project, making them lose focus on the objective of your research.

A nicely composed review of literature will:

1-A brief typology that divides books and journals into paragraphs that help supervisors identify unanswered debates and tensions, inconsistencies, and fresh questions on an area of study.

2-List the most pertinent and significant aspects of the research literature in your field of study

3-Summarize what’s been conducted in this field of study and by whom, identify the research that has been conducted on the subject, and highlight the parts for variance within the field

4-Help the supervisor gain an overview of the foundations of this field and explain why certain studies are relevant and highlight the flaws in the previous research.

Building Your Literature Review Bookshelf

One way to conceptualize the idea of a literature review is to think of the process of writing it like you create a bookcase. You can collect the pieces other researchers copy from there and use them in your MBA research work which means, you have your personal method of study, results, and conclusions.

Ideas for Composing Literature Review for a Ignou Project

There is a number of simple strategies to help you write your literature review in a professional manner. Be sure to follow the below suggestions to avoid making mistakes that could take more time.

1-Students of Ignou university think to rely more on secondary sources of data that may be more accessible but aren’t useful for supervisors who are interested.

2-Always write a review of literature that is related to your project topic. This means you have to spend enough time studying and comprehending the specifics of the project work.

3-Analyze and evaluate opposing viewpoints. This proves that you’ve accomplished well in coming to an appropriate conclusion.

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Define the procedures you used to find sources for your review of literature.

Use an academic writing style. Avoid narrative and descriptive writing in your project work. But, students must strive to remain constant and write the review of literature in their own language.

Check the sources you use are correctly referenced to prevent plagiarism.

Make sure you proofread your review of literature once you finished its writing.

What Makes a Good Literature Review?

The review of literature depends on the various variables which you have taken for the project work, including the exact reason for writing as well as the level of consensus on a particular theory and how long the piece as well as the number of previous studies that have been conducted in the area, etc. Below are some of the most essential aspects that a literature review can provide.

Research Background: Review the writings that have been published about your area of study to identify what’s new and important to your research, or how your analysis helps to understand the field even in a tiny way. The historical background will show others in the field and supervisors of journals your ability to discuss the theoretical aspects.

The current environment in the context in which your research is located Discussion of the central (or the peripheral) questions as well as issues and discussions within the field. Since a field is always being re-evaluated by new research it is possible to show how your research fits in this framework and discuss developments and research trends.

An overview of the important theories, concepts, and theories that will provide the basis for your study. If your study is based on questions about sustainability, include the theory or model that supports this idea. If the question concerns human beings, select materials that are focused on this topic.

A definition of the pertinent term in the field of natural sciences the meaning of terms is fairly straightforward and constant. If you do present terms that are unclear or context-specific, it is important to clarify the meaning of the word in the introduction part (if you present a study) and in the summary section of the work which you are reviewing.

Evidence to support a concrete issue or problem your research addresses proves its significance: Referring to similar research establishes your area of study as reliable and shows that you’re using prior work that others consider to be important.