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Psychology, At the simplest of conditions, can be known as the science of behavior and mental processes. The analysis of the subject includes the analysis of various psychological concepts and practices which have been here from the 20th and 21st centuries. Numerous methodologies of study have been introduced to the learners and their comprehension is analyzed in the kind of psychology assignments. These Ignou mapc solved assignment 2019 2020 21 require the learners to undertake extensive research and demonstrate an understanding of the several regions of psychology such as memory and learning, social psychology, sensation and perception, emotion, development, and psychopathology.

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MA Psychology Assignment Help 2020 21

Ignou synopsis gets the best group of psychology assignment help specialists, who have a comprehensive understanding of concepts suggested by famous psychologists as well as their connection to philosophical processes such as positivist, social constructionist and critical theory approaches. They know the biology behind psychology and also understand how genetics dictate a few traits but maybe others. Together with their know-how of understanding and consciousness, memory, and the science behind dreams and sleep, cognition, disorders and disorder, mission writing is easy job for them.

Regions of Psychology We Can Help With

Our specialists can assist with every area of psychology. A Few of the topics that we’ve supplied assignment help previously are cited below:

  • Cognitive Behavior
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Counselling psychology
  • Organization Psychology
  • Environmental Psychology
  • Learning and Performance
  • Intercultural and Developmental Problems in Psychology
  • Theories and history in Psychology

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IGNOU MAPC First Year Assignment

– MPC-001: Cognitive Psychology, Learning and Memory space

– MPC-002: Life Period Psychology

– MPC-003: Personality: Concepts and Analysis

– MPC-004: Advanced Social Mindset

– MPC-005: Study Methods in Psychology

– MPC-006: Statistics in Psychology

IGNOU MAPC second Year Assignment










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Last Date of IGNOU MA Psychology (MAPC) Assignment Submission

Course Code Last Date for July 2020 Session Last Date for Jan 2021 Session
MAPC -1st year 31st March, 2021 30th September, 2021
MAPC -2nd Year 31st March, 2021 30th September, 2021


MAPC Clinical Psychology Solved Assignments

Clinical psychology: Clinical psychology is one of the specialization of MA in Psychology which concentrates on the biological, Cognitive, emotional and behavioral aspects of human operation.

The purpose of clinical psychology is to understand, forecast, and cure or relieve ailments, disabilities, or any type of mental problem. Ignou the student of clinical psychology needs to write 3 assignments which are MPCE 11, MPCE 12 and MPCE 13. Ignou synopsis provides Ignou MAPC Solved assignment 2020 21 to all the students of Ignou.

MAPC Counselling Psychology Solved Assignments 2020 21

Counselling psychology: This is the other specialization of psychology that focuses on alleviating the quality of living by assisting people and help them to overcome their mental health. This Counselling psychology aims at how people work in their personal and professional lives

The psychologists of counselling work for those people who want to improve their choices of life and want to live healthy life in terms of mentally and physically. The subject code of the counselling psychology is MPCE 21, MPCE 22 AND MPCE 23

Organizational Psychology Solved Assignments 2020 21

OB Psychology. OB is also known as industrial psychology in which the psychologist creates a number of ways for training and selection of employees. The aim is to enhance the workplace morale, job satisfaction, and productivity of the employee of the organization. The subject code for Ignou MAPC solved assignment 2020 21 of OB is MPCE 31, MPCE 32 AND MPCE 33.

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