As stated in the programme guide, you have the option to undertake the project work of the compulsory course MECP-001. In case you choose the project work, you will be required to submit the Ignou Mecp 001 Project Statement to the University. This kind of guide has been well prepared to help you in doing a Project work by familiarizing you with its various aspects. Read the guidebook before you get started work on the project . This Project Guide has three parts. The first part provides general information about the MA Economics dissertation work; the second part details different stages of the Project Work; and the 3rd part involves annexures which shall be used at different stages of the Project work.

General Information of IGNOU MECP 001 Project

Project is an independent research as well as your own work. The purpose of the Ignou Mecp 001 Project Work is to permit you to examine the situations and through the Project, you will be expected to practice all that you have learnt while pursuing various methods of M. A Economics Programme. It is a way of making use of the knowledge gained through the different courses to the issues and concerns of day to day situations in the economy. This kind of Project Work is of six credits and then you’re expected to spend about 180 hours of total operate completing the MA Economics Project. We might favor to receive an entered and bound copy of build your project Report. The size of your Project Work between 8000-10000 words (50-60 pages). Keep this in mind while getting a Ignou mec project project theme or topics. The idea is the fact you should be able to say everything that you want to say within these words limit. You are free to write your Project in English or Hindi language.


After you select for project work, you are expected to publish the typed copy of the MECP 001 project proposal along with project proposal form (Annexure ‘A’ of this manual) on the following address:

Course Coordinator
MECP-101 Course
M.A. Economics Programme
Block ‘F’
School of Social Sciences
IGNOU, Maidan Garhi
New Delhi – 110068

Help to make sure that the educational counselor or the educator, who have agreed to take action as your supervisor for your MA Economics project work, has affixed his/her signature on the cover page (Annexure ‘A’) of your synopsis . The project proposal will be approved by the faculty of economics of the university at the HQs at Maidan Garhi, New Delhi. After acceptance of the project proposal, you can get started the project work. In circumstance you are advised to revise the proposal, ideas and comments, made by the faculty should be incorporated in the adjusted. proposal. How to identify the concept of the project & how to prepare the project proposal will be discussed within the next part. However, it is desirable to point away at this stage that your project proposal must are the following:

i) The title of the suggested project,

ii).. A clear statement of the problems to be examined,

Iii) Objectives of the offered study,

iv) The type of data/information to be used, we actually

v) Research Methodology, and we actually

vi) Expected final result.


IGNOU MECP 001 Project Supervision

Your project will be guided by a supervisor identified by the Indira Gandhi National Open up University. All counselors are recognized as supervisors for Project Work. A set of supervisors is available with the Coordinator of your Study Centre. Once you have selected diverse area for study (we have listed some areas in. Sub-section 2. l), please contact your Coordinator that will assign a manager for you personally, suited to your study. You must make a Project Proposal by making use of your Supervisor/Academic counselor offered at your study centre.

The supervisor will:

acquaint you with such local teams and agencies as may be relevant to your work,

provide you with letters of authorization which would permit you to make query, question, inquiry, interrogation and investigations in different office buildings pertaining to your work

make accessible to you the library at the study centre for assessment purposes, a

give you advice, to the best of higher efforts, about your theme, location of your data and general work plan, and

suggest books and articles that you could find useful in your work.

Make two copies of your Proposal (preferably typed), find the signature of the supervisor on the format succumbed Annexure A and send one copy on this address:

Course Coordinator
MECP-101 Course
M.A. Economics Programme
School of Social Sciences
Block F,
Indira Gandhi National Open University
Maidan Garhi
New Delhi – 110 068
Email ID:

Remember to:

Maintain to keep a copy of the Proposal with you because we shall not send your copy back.

Send out your Proposal through Signed up Post only, so that it reaches us for sure.

Do not change your topic or even its wording after you have sent the proposal to us. In other words, the main subject of your Project Operate should be the identical to in your Proposal.

Position the name and code of your course (in this situation MECP-001), your enrollment number, the name of your Study Centre and the Regional Centre on site one. In other words, fill the Proforma given in Annexure A very carefully.


According to Ignou Synopsis Your proposal is essentially the description of what you proposed to do and how you want to go about it. The first step in the formula of the project proposal is to identify the suitable theme for the Ignou mecp 001 project work. Economics has wider areas of field expertise spreading over large quantity of themes and sub-contract themes. Depending on your area of interest, you might first mark the board theme like agriculture, industrial sectors public economics, labour and employment, Indian money market, capital market, etc. By simply specifying the aspect of the major theme, Period and location dimension, you can finally decide the title of your project. As much as possible, The subject should be narrowed down.

The IGNOU MECP Project Proposal must include the following:

  • Subject of the project,
  • Targets of your study,
  • Issues/questions to be raised,
  • The type of data of information to be expected
  • Hypothesis, if any, formulated, Research Methodology, and Expected outcome


Execution of The Project

In your project work you are expected to examine/study any specific problem through quantitative qualitative data. Hence dedication of relevant data is foremost task. Data should be relevant to take a look at the issues raised and test the hypothesis, if any, formulated in the project proposal. The factors on which data is required should be identified. You may need to determine what kind of data related to the theme} of your project is available and what level it would be well suited for your project work. Prevent 6 – Data Basic of Indian economy of MECP 001 Project will be help to you in this regard. You are therefore advised to pass through the various units of this block for ascertaining the availability of secondary data on the theme of your project. About secondary data, it is necessary to determine and record

(i) Who did accumulate the data?

(ii) When ever was it collected? and

(iii) How reliable the knowledge is.

Writing the Project Statement

originality and clarity are two important pieces of your project, Remember your project test of your analytical capacity and skills of communication. This kind of writing is not only an exercise in taking your impressions or writing a tale. It is also an exercise in the business of your ideas. Therefore do keep the following points at center

Writing an introduction is crucial as it gives a certain access point to your project. Afterwards purposes and objectives should be mentioned very explicitly.

The standard of your project to some extent depends upon the performance of your methodology. Consequently, methodology should be mentioned in a clear manner. For the sake of clarity, methodology refers to

(i) theoretical perspectives and the logic of query, question, inquiry that guides research,

(ii) techniques of information collection, and

(iii) tools or methods of analysis of the data.

Brief review of similar or relevant project/studies, (if any available) within a more 2 to 3 pages) made by other scholars.

Almost all your arguments should be neatly tied and practically culminated at the ending of each section. The interconnection between different parts should be obviously managed

Have a paragraph of ‘summing up’ to each chapter.

List out your objective wise findings.

Project should be written in your own language using simple words and short sentences as far as possible. It could be better if you write the first draft and then you modify it both in conditions of its language and content.

Use photographs, maps, diagrams and illustrations, just in case it is needed.

The following sequence is to be followed in arranging the report:

A) Cover page: On the first page of the statement indicate the title of the project, your name, address, year and enrollment number. (as per annexure B of this manual)

B) Second page should cover the contents of the project report accompanied by the listing of tables, maps and figure illustrations on 3rd page.

C) The fourth page is to give acknowledgements.

D) The fifth page is to list alphabetically a set of short-hand.

E) From your 6th pages on wards, you require to give first introduction to build your project, its approach, including basis of the selection of the project theme, targets, research methodology including information of techniques or methods adopted for data collection and analysis, limitations of the study and so forth This will make up the first chapter of the project report.

F) From the second part on wards the key body of the project begins.

G) In the last section, you will state the findings drawn from the project work and your suggestions, if any.

List of References

In the ending you need to give a listing of. The Reference List should get started on a separate page from the text under the label References, based at the top of the page. References are listed in an uncial order of author’s label of first two subject words, if there is no author. List the elements that identify the work’s author, title, distribution data and its writer. For online publications, add elements stating where and when you retrieved the document. For illustration goal the examples of work references are being given below. You may follow this pattern in {building your build your project and statement.

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