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Ignou MAPC Internship – Clinical/Counselling MA Psychology Internship


Internships provides learners with an possibility to integrate theoretical knowledge, research, and clinical skills. The choice of company is left to the learner/academic counsellor. The Ignou MAPC Internship goal is to help learners acquire skills in clinical psychology. The students thus, learn and acquire skills and professional perception under trained practitioners in the concerned setting. Presently there will be one to one supervision and the learners will be carefully supervised by the manager who will provide them with opinions about their performance.

Internships provides learner with an possibility to integrate theoretical knowledge, research, and clinical skills. The internship experience features minimum of 240 training hours in one season.

The ignou supervisor or counsellor could be a psychologist or a psychiatrist. While obtaining guidance directly from professional researchers working in the treatment centers, the learners will be asked to work with complete dedication and dedication. The students will examine and plan strategies to be able to help patients and clients from different settings to overcome their problems. They will learn to deal with diverse population including children, children and adults, and find out to administer tests and bring out assessments and if you are looking for Ignou mapc solved assignment then contact us.

Five instances with case history, Mental Status Examination and mental testing should be handled by the learner during the internship. The student must needs to plan and suggest intervention for all the cases.
She/he should observe at least two cases where the treatment is being carried away. A report in proper format must be submitted by the learner to the Academic Counsellor.

Activities at all to be done During the Internship in Clinical Psychology Assessment and diagnosis including interviewing, circumstance history taking, administration of psychological tests, scoring and interpretation of the test results and arriving at a correct diagnosis of the situation, needs to be carried out by the learner. Learners may be engaged in providing specific and group psychotherapy, behavioural treatment, assessment, and working with a interdisciplinary treatment team.

The learners are required to complete 120 hours of internship

Organisations/ Companies for Undertaking Clinical Internship

1) Children’s Centre/NGOs serving children and adolescents.

2) Companies catering to population with severe emotional disturbances needing psychiatric treatment.

3) Community mental health centers serving children, adolescents, adults, and geriatric populations.

4) State private hospitals

5) Counselling centers where learners may participate in individual psychotherapy, group psychiatric therapy, outreach consultation, vocational screening and counselling, psychological evaluation, and learning disability evaluation.

6) Correctional institution, where learners may take up issues ranging from adjustment problems to severe persistent mental disorders. They may perform assessment, consultation, and group and individual psychological surgery.

7) Children’s home, label women, special homes for the handicapped, home for beggars, mental hospitals, breastfeeding homes dealing with psychologically ill persons, where evaluation, consultation and group and individual therapies are taken out.


Actions to be Carried Away During Internship in counselling Psychology
Assessment and analysi including interviewing, case record taking, administration of
mental tests, scoring and meaning of the test results and arriving at a correct analysis
of the problem, needs to be carried out by the learner. Learners may be involved in providing
person and group counselling, behavioural treatment, assessment, and working with an
interdisciplinary treatment team. The learners have to complete 120 hours of internship.

Organisations/ Agencies for Undertaking Counselling Internship

1) Schools

2) Hospitals

3) Private clinics 20

4) NGOs/Welfare agencies providing service for women and children and other deprived population 5) Correctional institutions

6) Child Guidance Centres/clinics

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Sample of Certificate

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