Citation is the important part of the Ignou MBA project and citing sources is an essential procedure. In the field of academic research this is standardized by a variety of organizations. IGNOU University is quite serious about their project work. So, it’s best for the learners of IGNOU and potential researchers to be aware of how to write references in Ignou MBA Project as well as other sources when writing their project work. Making sure you properly cite your sources is important for several reasons. One of the main reasons is that you are able to quickly convey to your supervisors as well as readers the context the importance the work you have done.

However, writing reference sections for your Ignou MBA project can be a difficult job. Here we are going to discuss about the APA style references as according to Ignou guidelines you have to compose your MS100 project in APA style. An overview of the digital tools that will make citing simpler and a short tutorial will be included. In this way, you will be able to focus more on your MS100 project work instead of what some consider to be a difficult task.

Why Citation is Important

The proper referencing is necessary in the project wok not because of that the correct people get the right acknowledgment of their work. It is also essential to the entire research publishing and consumption process due to the reasons listed below:


The best thing about the citation is, it permit researchers to correctly quote the work of other researchers. They can also acknowledge the source of the information.

Intellectual Property Rights

Research can involve information about industry legally protected under intellectual property rights including patents, trademarks and industrial designs


Citing research and data in a proper manner will allow you to present evidence to support the main aspects that you have made in your research. This is particularly important when you are arguing your position. It makes little bit simple for the supervisor to search for information and even the lines of argument. It also assists in directing readers to the original source that provide more information on the argument you made as well as the subject.

In general, referencing can help research communities put a piece of work within its proper context , allowing them to assess the potential impact it could have on their area of study.

APA Style Format

In APA reference style DOIs and URLs are utilized. DOI is a short form to mean digital object identification. These are strings of alphanumeric characters that identify distinctive content, while also providing a constant hyperlink to their respective locations. They are available in databases and references lists.

Format of DOIs: “” where “yyyy” is the DOI number. However, URL is short for universal resource locators. They are the hyperlinks that appear on the address bar in your browser. What happens when you include URLs and DOIs? These are APA guidelines.

When using the APA style, you should not use other alphanumeric identifiers like that of for instance, the International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) and the International Standard Book Number (ISBN). Additionally, when you use URLs or DOIs, make sure to make them hyperlinks. This means that they start by using “http:” or “https:”. It is acceptable to show the hyperlink in blue font and underlined as in the default settings in your word processing software, or you could use text that is plain.

Examples of APA Reference List

Here is you will find an illustration of a reference list with different kinds of resources that you can make use of as a quick reference.


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Chapter of an Edited Book

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Journal Article

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