The scope is determined at the beginning of the research process prior to the data collection process begins. Researchers utilize it to define the boundaries and limits within which the research will be conducted. Learn below how to write scope of the study.

What is the Scope of the Study?

It defines the limits within which your project work will be carried out. This can also be referred to as the scope of your project work. To explain the scope the research is to define the various things to be taken into consideration in your study. It’s equally crucial to define what areas will not be considered.

Why is the Scope of the Study Important?

The Ignou MBA project scope is constantly considered and decided on in the initial stages of the study, prior to the data gathering or experiment work has been initiated. This is essential since it narrows the scope of the proposed study to the extent that it is feasible within the interval.

A clear project scope of the study allows researchers to provide lucidity on the result of studies which are being researched. It clarifies why certain information points were collected and why others were not.

In the absence of this, it can be hard to determine a definitive end time for a project of research as there aren’t any limits established for the project work that can be done. Additionally, it can result in the method of addressing an inquiry question too wide-ranging.

What is the best way to define the scope of study?

The scope of the research is the scope of the aspects that will be considered during a project work. It determines the limits of the study. Determining the scope of the study later in the stages can lead to confusion regarding the goals of research. 

The primary purpose behind the scope of study is to define the scope of the research that will be carried out and thereby defines the timeframe which will be checked in the project work of MS100. It lets the researcher define the scope of the study and what elements will not be included.


The scope of study is possible using the following examples:

Look at the sample subject ‘IMPACT OF MOBILE PHONE USAGE ON PERSONALITY AND SOCIAL IDENTITY OF STUDENTS OF PROFESSIONAL COURSES’. The scope of study in this research area should encompass a variety of roles during the specified time frame. Additionally, it should include the types of mass media that were utilized to analyze the study, along with the location of the study and the size of the sample.

Example “The present study provides an insight for the researcher community which is interested to investigate the direction of predicting some other complimentary variables as these days the young population use their mobile phone as an umbilical cord which serves as a connection between them and their near and dear ones”. According to Ignou synopsis scope of the study should be clear. This will help your supervisor in getting the clear picture of your project work

Guidelines for defining the scope of your study

The learner of Ignou should be aware of when making the outline of the research are as follows.

Timeframe: When writing out the scope of the study, the students should declare or specify the period of time the study will be covering. In general, researchers mix the study’s scope with the limitations of the project work. The two are much interconnected. The major difference between the two is that the limitation cover the aspects like limitations on money or the non-cooperation by the group.

Area: Candidate must keep in mind that the scope of the study must define the particular things of the information that must be collected. Example suppose you have taken kollam district then you have to mention like this “All Students of Kollam of tenth class will constitute the population of the study for the present investigation”.

Research Population: A further important element to be considered in the writing of the scope of the research is the size of the sample, or the sample which the researcher has chosen to conduct the research.

Example “To conduct this study, the investigator will select a representative sample of total 120 Students of Kollam of tenth class. While selecting the sample care will be taken that equal number of male and female students will be selected.

Theories: Candidate needs to explain the theories of academics that are utilized to analyze the results they have collected to ensure that the reader comprehends the scope of analysis. This is explained in the section on theoretical frameworks.

Goal – The goal of the research should indicate the reason that it serves. It should be able to briefly outline the overall picture i.e. the ultimate goal that the researcher seeks to accomplish.

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The scope of study is essential to define because it allows researchers to narrow their focus to the limits of their abilities.