Ignou Exam Centre Change Process

The IGNOU exam centre change request online IGNOU term end exams dates are announced and learners have completed the exam form in order to participate in the tests. If you are thinking “how to change IGNOU exam centre” to In addition to filling out the form for the exam, students can also read about the process of how to recover their lost IGNOU enrollment number.

Students who want to change their examination centres must fill out the online application and submit it in the manner specified. We at Ignou synopsis know that there are a lot of regulations and rules the university has outlined for students who would like to choose a different exam center instead of the one currently in use.

According to the announcement issued from the University on the 28th of October 2021 the term end exams begins on twenty-one January, 2022. The deadline for submitting the exam form online has passed in the past and students are waiting for exams to begin. In addition, the university has launched a portal for students who would like to change the examination centres for the End of Term End Examination December 2021

Dates for Changing IGNOU Exam Centre 2021

IGNOU has launched its portal for changing exam centres and these are the exact dates and timings when students can request a change in the exam centres.

How to Change IGNOU Exam Centre?

Learners who want to alter their examination center for the next session in December 2021 are able to do this with these guidelines.

  • You can access the change page for exam centres directly by clicking the link below https://exam.ignou.ac.in/examcentrechange_dec21/examcentrechangerequest.aspx
  • Read the instruction carefully before proceeding with the option to change the centre of your exam.
  • After that, begin filling in the application by entering the enrollment number first.
  • Choose your course from the dropdown menu.
  • Select the date of your birth from the calendar provided and ensure that it’s the exact date of birth you’ve given your university with.
  • Enter the captcha code shown on the screen.
  • Enter your details and then follow the steps for changing your exam centre’s number at the end of the screen.

Follow the Instructions to Change IGNOU Exam Centre

While IGNOU has launched the exam centre portal changes, the university released a few guidelines that students must definitely adhere to.

1 – Learners of Ignou are not able to apply for exam centre to change within the same city.

2 – Learners of Jammu and Kashmir Regional Centre are also able to not apply for a change of the exam location.

3 – Candidates will be given the one opportunity to change their answers in the center of the exam.

4- To change the exam center learners have to log into their Ignou portal provided by the university. No other method will be considered.

Once you’ve completed the application after completing the process, you will receive an email and a text at your email address registered. After that, you’ll know that your application was accepted. Once you have completed the process you will receive your admit card for term end exams 2021 will arrive with the new examination location you’ve selected to replace the old center. You will also receive an text message or email if your application to change the centre of your exam has not been accepted by the university for particular reasons.