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IGNOU 2022 Test Tips for Preparation will surely help you in achieving good grades in your term end exams.  IGNOU also know as Indira Gandhi National Open University offers a variety of entrance exams such as IGNOU OPENMAT etc. If you are student of IGNOU and appearing in the year 2022 exams then you must check the important IGNOU exam tips here. It contains some useful strategies for better preparation.

The majority of the time, IGNOU is conducting Term-end Exams twice a year: June and Dec. Many students attend their exams in every period of IGNOU TEE. More than 650 Exam Centres of IGNOU are allocated to students who are enrolled at the end of each term examination session. Every learner of IGNOU face this dilemma regarding how to prepare for the upcoming examination. 

IGNOU Exam Tips for 2022

Understand the Syllabus

To accomplish any task, it’s important to plan it carefully. Analyzing a syllabus is the most fundamental step in exam preparation and you must know that which subjects and chapters need to be covered in exams.

Along with the syllabus you must also be familiar with the pattern of the examination. The pattern of exam will tell you which questions will be included in the exam and the time, duration as well as the marking scheme. Follow the below IGNOU exam tips to get good grades

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Create a Study Plan:

If you develop a plan for studying students will be able to manage their homework efficiently. Plan the study sessions according to the duration of your syllabus.

Don’t make lengthy studying sessions. Breaks are essential in the course of study, so make sure to incorporate regular breaks. Remember that the time-table you’ve prepared must include all syllabus.

1 – The first step is that you must create plans to study. It is crucial to make time for your studies. It is possible to create a schedule to study.

2 – You must be able to comprehend the syllabus thoroughly. If you don’t understand the content of your syllabus, it might be very difficult for you to score good marks.

3 – It is important to know the format of the exam. Check out previous questions to get an idea of the exam pattern.

4 – Additionally, you can earn excellent marks by opting Ignou guide books which you can purchase from any shop who is selling books or from Amazon and study materials provided by IGNOU. You must study your material carefully because the questions you’ll be asked in the exam are derived from the study material you’ve read. If you are unable to comprehend the topic, you may look it up on YouTube.

5 – If you think it is the longer you’ll write on the IGNOU exam, the better you’ll score but you’re wrong. There is no thing as IGNOU that you can earn more marks than you write. Be sure to adhere strictly to your word count.

6 – Complete the test in your language. Write in your own language, not the language that is used in the material for study. Use diagrams, tables and examples to help you understand. Avoid writing your stories in order to make them large. Make sure to make your essay as concisely as you can.

7 – If you are looking to score high marks, make sure you study the exam papers from the past 8 to 10 years. Make note of the topics you come across frequently and take notes. You can download all previous question papers here.

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