What is a Project Objective

A research objective is what the researcher will accomplish in the final pages of the project. It provides a summary of what the supervisor and the readers will learn by the conclusion of the project. It also outlines the main focus of the research. Learn how to write Ignou project objectives in 5 steps.

Are you writing an Ignou MBA project or dissertation? If so, it’s important to set out your project objectives in the opening of your project work in order to clarify what you’re trying to achieve.

Research Aims and Objectives

There is a significant distinction between research objectives and goals:

What is the primary purpose of your study must be defined in the research aim. Therefore, you should imagine your project objective as a response to your inquiry “What are you doing?” On the other hand, the objectives are “How are you conducting your research?”

1. Define the objectives and goals of your Project work.

The majority of researchers do not take the necessity of clearly stating the goal of the research. This has resulted in research papers in a sloppy motion. Supervisors of the project work aren’t interested in reading the synopsis without having first read the abstract.

Focus your attention on the synopsis. Clearly state the variables to be considered. Incorporate the steps you’ll follow. Your studies must be limited and you should state them. Do not include irrelevant information in your research objectives. You should start your studies from Introduction part and end it at References part. Read How to Write Introduction.

What are my research’s goals and purpose?

When you are describing your research goal you should use action verbs. Do not use dull or slack words. It is recommended that your sentences be verbal.

2. Find out the number of goals that you should include in your proposal

Most supervisors prefer the primary research objective and then a second research goal.

Although there isn’t a definitive rule regarding the number of goals, the project should include an adequate number of objectives. For example, if you are writing your Ignou project, then the objectives should be 6 to 7.

3. Write them in broad words

The research goals must be written using an overall term that reflects all the nature of the task. The objectives should be clear because they are the smallest number of steps required to accomplish the goals.

4. Make It Short

The objectives and goals must be extremely brief. This is to help your readers recall your goals and dreams. The synopsis should not be composed using long sentences. Both the goal and purpose of your synopsis should not exceed more than 1000 words.

5. Let them relate to each other

When you are describing your goals and objectives, ensure that they connect to one another. If your goals don’t align with each other and you don’t, then you undermine the credibility that your efforts are being made. The issue is, what are your goals and objectives, as you have stated, that can be accomplished with just one factor?

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What’s the main difference between objectives and goals?

The goal of your study outlines what you intend to accomplish. The objectives outline the method you intend to use to accomplish your goals. Let’s take an example to show.


A Comparative Study On Personality And Self-Concept Among Adolescents Of Working And Non-Working Mothers.


  • To compare adolescents of working & non-working mothers in personality.
  • To compare male and female adolescents of working mothers in personality.
  • To compare male and female adolescents of non-working mothers in personality.
  • To compare adolescents of working & non-working mothers on self-concept.
  • To compare male and female adolescents of working mothers on self-concept.

I’m unable to articulate the concepts clearly, my studies are confusing!

Naturally, your research is complicated. This is the essence of the game. However, the most important aspect of who is able to be able to master complex issues is the ability to simplify the complexity. You’re not trying to include all the richness and depth in a brief overview of goals and objectives. However, you’re looking to inform the supervisor of what you’re up to and how you can do it.

If you’re having difficulty deciding the goals and intentions of your research, get the help of a professional writer or mentor who can help you in composing your Ignou project.


We’ve described the steps for achieving an understandable and readable way of expressing your goal and objectives of the project work.

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