IGNOU May conduct exams online

Due to this corona virus outbreak IGNOU is looking into offering learners the option to take their examinations online. In relation to the possibility of the preposition Ignou is in talks with HRD ministry and the University Grants Commission (UGC). IGNOU has already begun its admissions process online from last year.

Nageshwar Rao Vice-Chancellor of IGNOU told a daily, “We are actively considering conducting the exam online in order to make the process easy and simple for students. The government is also looking into the possibility and the ways to implement it. Are being developed. We are currently in discussions with HRD ministry as well as UGC on the subject of the similar. ”

Ignou has taken few steps in this digital world and started online admissions in the year 2000 and had a tremendous response. Currently, the entire process conducted online mode. This includes admissions process, the issuing of admit cards, and schedule updates but the test is being held by Ignou in the offline mode which means you have to  visit to your respective study centre’s to appear in your exams.

Ignou is one of the largest Universities in world

The huge amount of Ignou learners scattered across the nation and it will be hard for learners to give exam online. When we examine the distance learning system in other parts in the world, that have universities that have adopted an online exams, we need to be aware that they are a tiny number of students, ranging from 1000 to 10,000. On the other hand Ignou have at least more than 2 million students.

In Ignou there are a lot of people and we can also observe that people are scattered all across the country, with diverse backgrounds and issues with demographics. Many are housewives and others are struggling and some are employed while others are in remote areas and we must consider the possibility.

The varsity isn’t deciding whether or not the option will be available in its centers or whether students can take the exam from anywhere. The varsity president further said “The procedures are being developed. Making decisions on the exam structure, along with the infrastructure issues is not an easy task, however the experts are doing the task. ”

The university began online exams for 27 courses in the year 2010 as an experiment. This proposition was pulled in 2012 when the UGC protested against the proposition. The VC  of the Ignou said that at that time Ignou was preparing an experiment to see if it could work using 27 courses that had learners with a minimum of than 250. The response was positive, but the experiment was withdrawn after the UGC said that it didn’t accept the online mode of exam.

Frequently Asked Question

Q – Will ignou conduct online exams?

A – Nobody can give the actual answers but as per us, Ignou will not conduct online exams for first year students as they have done in last year. Only the final year student can attempt for online exams.

Q – Will Ignou conduct online exams 2022?

A – It depends on the coronavirus, as of now Ignou postponed their all exams till further notice

Q – Ignou 1st Year exam cancelled?

A – No, According to the current information Ignou has just postponed their exams

Q – Will IGNOU promote students 2021?

A – It depends on Ignou. Last year due to covid 19 Ignou promoted all first year students.